This is, first and foremost, a course blog for an elective graduate seminar on “Teaching Writing in a Digital Age” that is offered in the Composition MA program at San Francisco State University (a syllabus for the course can be found here). The creator of (and sometime contributor to) this blog is Kory Lawson Ching, an assistant professor of English, and the instructor for this course.

The primary contributors to the blog are, of course, students. Most of the blog posts are, therefore, responses to our weekly readings, though most authors do try to make their posts accessible to a larger audience of people interested in digital literacies. A blog is a public space after all, and we welcome constructive comments and participation from a readership beyond our course.

Because this blog is part of an educational experience, though, you are likely to find writing on it that isn’t so much definitive as it is exploratory. And keep in mind that the views expressed by its various authors should not be construed as speaking for the whole course, its instructor, the program, or our school.

Kory Lawson Ching’s other blog is at scrivel.wordpress.com.


2 comments on “About

  1. Here is a silly question from someone who knows 0 zero about blogging:
    Does one have to be in the class to subscribe to this site?

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