Resource Blog #3 Weblogs and Literary Response Socially Situated Identities and Hybrid Social Languages in Class Blogs by Kathleen West

I found this interesting article in relation to English composition and using Blogs written By Kathleen West. Though the article  written concerns an 11th grade high school class,  I believe that this article can also be used in reference to a first year composition course. Though the article leans toward using Blogs in a Literary analysis format, what I think is great about this article is that the students in this class are drawn to use the Blog as a way to connect to their English class assignments.

Some of the students in the class were proliic Bloggers acording to West. Part of what I kikes is some of the students connected  with “audience ,” “identity,” and “voice.” west writes concerning on of her students, “Lucy has a strong sense of audience, which helps her build the identity of ‘pop-cultured humorist’ in this entry. She includes in-jokes for her classmates in the form of class and popular-culture references.”

What I got out of this article was that  there were no requirements over ‘correctness ‘ or “format.” This allowed students according to West to “forge new identities” online. The students were encouraged to “explore the facets of the text,” (588).


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