More resources regarding motivation and new media

I have added two more articles to my paper. The first is Ruth V. Small’s editorial published online for the Association For Educational Communications and Technology entitled Motivation and New Media: an introduction to the special issue.  The other is an article entitled The Studio experience at the University of Georgia: an example of constructionist learning for adults by Gregory Clinton and Lloyd P. Reiber.  Both articles can be found via the SFSU articles database.

Both of these articles addressed theoretical and practical implications regarding reshaping the tradtional classroom into one that incorporates new media into a studio-like environment.  The University of Georgia article was particularly interesting because it detailed The Studio graduate program which prepares its graduate students to work in careers where collaboration and projects are the norm and expected.  While this program is mainly geared towards Instructional Design students I thought this would be an interesting composition teacher training program for a new wave of composition teachers who want to incorporate studio concepts within the composition classroom.  The main philosophy behind Small’s and The Studio’s work is the idea that within a classroom which incorporates the freedom of new media and the environment of a collaborative studio, students will be personally invested and motivated to construct and design their own learning environments while also learning the skills needed to work in collaborative and innovative environments.

This article might be of interest. I did not get a chance to read it. Self-regulation of motivation when learning online: The importance of who, why and how. Written by Carol Sansone, Tamra Fraughton, Joseph L. Zachary, Jonathon Butner, Cecily Heiner.


One comment on “More resources regarding motivation and new media

  1. Many may think that once having all sort of media available to the students will do the trick! They will learn faster! They will write better! They will improve by leaps!
    Teachers must approach new media the same way she does with other aspects in education. New media can only be an asset in education if well thought. Planning is fundamental for choosing what kind of media is to be incorporated; the better way to introduce it to the class; what benefits it will bring to the student’s progress and how to assess its validity.
    Motivation is the key for learning and the collaborative composing studio may be a good source of it. When students have the curiosity for the new they get invested naturally. If during this process students can be geared to construct and build their own learning environment this will be directly translated in self-empowerment. The studio like idea favors independence, self-confidence, collaboration, cooperation and autonomy because each member of the community of learners will feel responsible for the learning process.

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