My Prezi, My Culture

I’m glad to have been introduced to Prezi. I think it has some great potential for the writing classroom. I’ve seen a few sites where it has been used to teach poetry, for example. But I think it has interesting application for a range of composition approaches. It allows you to easily fly words and text around, along with images and video. I see it as a pretty cool way to to present lesson material, but I think putting it into the hands of students, with the combination of graphical composition of their own words and publishing their work to their fellow classmates, would offer a compelling invitation to the composition process.

I’ve included some links below to a few Prezi poetry and composition sites that I took inspiration from for the Prezi I made for my final New Media Text document.

My Culture, Richard’s final new media text doc

Stop Drilling, Natasa Bozic Grojic

Revealing Meaning, Broadcasting History, Bill Wolff

What is Poetry, Josh Flores


One comment on “My Prezi, My Culture

  1. Richard,

    As I mentioned on the other site, I realy like your Prezi presentation. I liked the way it allows you to wrap words and text around, along with images and video. I see it as an awesome way to to present material in a classroom. I SEE IT AS A GREAT WAY of having students publish their work.I want to learn more about this, any suggestions?

    Have a great summer, thank you for sharing your great . awesome ideas with us…

    Joe Ramos

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