WordPress Adds “Request Feedback” Feature

This is interesting. It looks as if WordPress has added a new feature that allows bloggers to “request feedback” on a post before publishing it. Here’s a description from WordPress’ blog:

When you click on Request Feedback, you can enter email addresses of friends who are willing to help. They’ll receive a special private link to see your draft, where they can leave feedback on your post (see image above). Their feedback will appear in your post’s Request Feedback area when it arrives, so you can make changes to your draft accordingly.

I can see using this in a composition course that’s using student blogs. What would be really neat, though, is if writers could request feedback from multiple reviewers simultaneously, and all the reviewers could see each others’ feedback. It would be more like a group conference that way.


3 comments on “WordPress Adds “Request Feedback” Feature

  1. Hi Kory:

    We do a lot of thinking about writing at WordPress.com and this feature was one way for us to see how users respond to any sort of writing tools at all. We’re more likely to improve the single writer/reviewer case first, before we’d think about multi-feedback, and shared feedback cases.

    But if you have specific ideas for us on how to make WordPress.com a better tool for writers, please do get in touch.

    -Scott Berkun

    Team Lead for WordPress.com
    Automattic, Inc.

    • Thanks for the comment, Scott. I totally ‘get’ wanting to work out the single writer/reviewer thing first. As someone who uses blogs to teach college-level writing, I think this feedback feature has real promise. But as someone who’s also given lots of written feedback to students, I’d really appreciate it if it were possible to provide both global and in-line feedback on a draft.

      Right now, you’ve got a single window, allowing global comments. That’s useful for giving overall impressions, but it’s kind of hard to comment on sentence-level or surface features of a draft that way. If you had some way to do in-line comments (I really like what Google Docs has done along these lines), it might make the feature way more useful.

      I look forward to seeing how this feature develops.

  2. I really really like this feature, i think it is a great addition to the WordPress platform. I hope we see an option to have this for self-hosted blogs as I have a number of blogs that this would really benefit from.

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