Why Youth (Love) Social Networking Sites

I found this article interesting in that this article was about the phenomena about social networking sites. In this article the writer danah boyd discusses youth’s interest in the social networking arena. She makes the claim that younger boys have a stronger interest in social  networking sites than younger girls at a rate of 46% Versus 44%. In contrast to this she lists that older girls are more likely to go to social network sites at a rate of 70% versus 57% in comparison to their male counterparts.

The writer discusses how the internet has spread over the world not only in the US but in countries such as Brazil and India but also to other countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines to Singapore. She also discusses the need for young people to understand “audience.” she cites a couple of examples one of them she lists is in the case of Stokely Carmichael one of the leaders of the Black Power Movement in the 1960s. She discusses that Carmichael was able to speak to different audiences in different tones or rhetoric when he was addressing separate black audiences or white audiences. However, once he became famous he spoke simultaneously to both audiences because his message alienated his white audiences.

She uses this example to discusses how teenagers are not able to use the same discourse to their teenage friends as they would to their parents or to other adults because they will alienate one group or the other. She uses an other illustration to make her point. She writes about a young teen ager who thinks her dad is cool so she invites him to be her friend on her MySpace account. He finds to his horror a comment on her MySpace account which asks the question, “What kind of drug are you?” to this question she responds, “Cocaine.” It turns out that she thought that all the responders that used marijuana were “lame.”

Another thing that was brought out in the article was how the term teenager is a recent phenomena that occurred in the 1940-1950s that was promoted by marketing people and Hollywood. Another thing I discovered that that the reason for compluseroy education was because social reformers and labor organizers thought the way to keep young people from being competitors for jobs was to force them to go back to school until a certain age be it 16 or 18 years of age.


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