Beyond ‘new’ literacies

Hi all!

I just found out about this through a listserv I subscribe to, and it looks like there are some interesting articles in this special themed issue: Beyond ‘new’ literacies, edited by Dana J. Wilber, and published by Digital Culture & Education, an interdisciplinary, web-published, open-access journal, which looks really cool and worth checking out. Some of the articles talk about constructivist pedagogies, visual literacies, definitions of literacies, etc….

The “Beyond ‘new’ literacies” link above will take you to the Introduction of the journal. You can find the rest of the articles on the homepage (for now, at least).

By the way, the listserv that I mentioned is Air-L, a pretty good listserv/network to get news and announcements on Internet research-related stuff.

Hope everyone’s well!


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