Peer Response

Hello classmates! If you have the time, I’d love to hear your feedback on my new media project, Youth Kicking Ass.

Thanks everyone!


2 comments on “Peer Response

  1. I really enjoyed your blog, Ruthieoo. Great content, by which I mean not only the stories, the embedded media and quotes and the very snazzy inclusion of the Disability artwork, but, of course, your commentary as well, which is encouraging and – well, “rock on friendly.”

    Your blog’s very engaging and I enjoyed the diversity of your topics highlighting your theme of high school students fighting for social justice.

    My only suggestion for improvement is your header. It’s hard to read the “Youth: Kicking Ass & Changing the World” when it’s in white against that background. Your current background, I believe, tries to emanate strength and solidarity with a gathering of protesters behind the picket-sign calling for peace but I have to read the words and figure out what the image is before I can “get” your blog’s message. Perhaps you could find an image that communicates this with more um-pf / immediacy?

    I sure think it would be great to give your postings some “tags” and categorize them for the world at large. You’re writing about some inspiring stories going on in the world and I’m sure others beyond our class would love to hear your comments on them. Or will you not be continuing the blog after our class is over?

    All in all – Very Cool!!

    • Thank you so much for the feedback! I think I spent so much time focusing on “blog writing,” I ignored the design. I’m going to put your suggestions to use and try to come up with a better header and add some tags to the entries.

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