Is anything Really Private Anymore?

I am wondering if anyone has had experience with websites such as  While some of the information they have is inaccurate, it seems that the information that they do have (or potentially have) is pretty scary.  Is it really possible to have private information anymore?


2 comments on “Is anything Really Private Anymore?

  1. OH WOW! I’ve never been to this website, and I am shocked how inaccurate the data is. My ethnicity is incorrect, and it has the audacity to declare that I am not interested in politics. I really hope that employers aren’t using this.

  2. Very interesting. It says I’ve not been born – my parents have no children, evidently. And, no, I don’t believe we do have any privacy anymore. Unless, like me, you move around a lot and they don’t have enough time to gather data.

    I’m not sure what’s worse, that the information is there or that it’s only partially accurate.

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