Those pesky green squiggly lines

It occurred to me reading this week’s assignments how annoying and distracting those pesky green squiggly lines in MS Word really are. Despite the intention to aid students in their understanding of grammar I think they do more harm then good. From my own personal experience, take say our last assignment, as I was writing my Techo Lit Bio I continuously had MS Word underline my grammar “mistakes” and no matter how many times I ignored the suggestion the lines just kept coming back. I found this to be extremely frustrating and impossible to ignore. I can’t imagine asking students to ignore these very same lines that I myself could not stop thinking about. I like some of the suggestions that the readings had to offer but I am left wondering if the good old fashioned paper and pen rough draft might be the way to go in getting students to proof read on their own and with their peers before turning to those pesky green squiggly lines for help. Thoughts?

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One comment on “Those pesky green squiggly lines

  1. Hi April,

    Our readings about MS Word’s grammar check certainly critiqued the program, but also showed how subsequent versions of the program have become more sophisticated. The way it is set up definitely is aimed toward educated professionals–those who will be able to know WHEN to ignore the squiggles (and how to turn it off!). I couldn’t help but wonder what grammar check might look like if they re-wrote a version of the program with students in mind. It might be useful to have the squiggles come with an explanation that is aimed towards students and perhaps a link to an online handbook, so that students can ultimately decide if they want to accept the suggestion. Something tells me schools would pay a lot for this…

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