Lessig’s Ted Talk

Just watched Larry Lessig’s Ted talk, The Laws that Choke Creativity. Then I surfed onto his blog. Then I watched what he is up to lately, meditations on the social remix . (After watching this blip tv video I am thinking about open source again. I know that Lessig is really into Creative Commons. I’m wondering about Lessig’s idea of free air space; the idea that everyone should be free to fly transnational flights in public airspace. In March 6, video he says that copyright has been extended so that “no one could do to Disney what Disney did to the Brother’s Grimm” (Ted Talk posted by Lessig on bliptv, Mar 06, 2010). I want to drink the cool aid. Open source is a great idea. I want everything to be in the public domain so it can be remixed. My publisher just sent contracts explicitly defining what parts of my published work they will own in perpetuity. So I guess my question is how can the culture of capitalism and ownership work with the idea of Creative Commons? It is an institutional values thing. I feel like we are in another 1980’s canon war, only around intellectual property and socially created multimodal texts.


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