Writing is writing. Or is it?

The potential for incorporating online composing within the composition classroom is about as sexy as comp studies can get. Michael Wesch’s fast paced, youtube video “The Machine is Us/ing Us” gives a taste of the possibilities of finding information on any and all topics in the world while also connecting me with anyone on the planet. All of which, I see as having a guaranteed lasso-effect on student motivation and investment since surfing and interacting online is this generations soda-shop hangout. But I don’t necessarily agree with Lundsford’s determination in “Clive Thomspon on the New Literacy” that the writing students are already doing online is academically skillful. I rather agree with Wiz1764 who posted a comment noting a number of elements missing from his students, regardless of their online usage.


2 comments on “Writing is writing. Or is it?

  1. I agree that incorporating online composing is sexy, even more so, essential for our time. I think, however, his point about the writing that students are already doing was not to suggest that students know how to write academically, but that they know how to consider their audience and write in a range of tones and levels of formality. They still need to learn how to write academically!

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