Trying it Out…

It appears that technology is giving education, specifically writing, a boost. Using mixed media, the face-to-face classroom environment is being replaced by the online environment and allowing for a range of possibilities from simple word processing to the addition of links, hyperlinks, videos and more. With this new online environment comes an entirely new social network that both students and teachers must learn to navigate, as Michael Wesh points out in “The Machine is Us/ing Us”,, we are creating a world that is open to continual change and that change is a reflection of who we are and what we aim to be. Writing is a social event and requires “considerable human interaction” (CCCC’s Position Statement) and it is through this interaction that people learn about humans and the world around them. Even within the digital classroom the student must construct an identity that will allow other users to learn about who they are and what knowledge they have to offer the rest of the online world… tell the class who you are but be careful your being graded!!

As teachers begin to integrate these new forms of media into the classroom, standards governing the responsibilities of the educational environment are beginning to be discussed and formed. In the CCCC’s “Position Statement on Teaching, Learning, and Assessing writing in Digital Environments “,, a point is made to specifically address that digital media has to be taken seriously within the academic environment and supported through staff and development. Since the internet has taken off so quickly it has been hard for the academic community to keep up with the emerging technology, especially considering the range of social possibilities from Online Academic Articles to sites such as Facebook, designed specifically for social networking. Learning how it all fits together in the academy is a difficult task. Andrea Lunsford claims that technology is enhancing our ability to write by pushing our literacy abilities, “people today write far more than any generation before them”…… (ran out of time!)


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