What This Is

Course blogs suck, right? Maybe. But that doesn’t mean we won’t give it a shot. What you’re looking at is the official blog for a course called “Teaching Writing in a Digital Age,” a graduate elective in SFSU’s composition MA program. It’s a course that’s meant to prepare future college writing teachers to use technology effectively in their classrooms. But getting there means thinking carefully about the intersections between technology and writing — and there are a lot of those.

Each week of this semester (Spring 2010), a few students in the course will write a post on this blog discussing the readings for that week. My hope is that these  posts might be more than simple summary or paraphrase of those texts; instead, I hope we’ll realize the potential of blogging by engaging in some “connective writing” that forges links among that week’s texts, with other course texts, and with other outside sources. Perhaps this will be of some interest to people outside our course.

Perhaps not. But this is an experiment, and I’m willing to see where it goes.


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